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Our Services

two friends having fun with photo prop

Give yourself and your guests an opportunity to look back upon parties, events and good times that have been shared with a simple yet fantastic addition of a photo booth. Our features will enable your party to be one not soon to be forgotten. Our specialty services include valuable additions such as instant printing, video features, filters found on instagram and snapchat, slow motion features, digital signatures, sharing capabilities and more. Here we share tips and tricks on new features, benefits and photo sharing capabilities that are being created every day now. Our service has the option to be set above the rest with advanced technology within our different photo booths or deliver the vintage traditional feel of an older more unique photo booth. That is why our service is perfect for just about any setting. It doesn't have to be a party or event. You could use a photobooth at just about any gathering where fun and memories are welcomed.

The services our team currently specialize in and offer, include but are not limited to : Weddings, Holiday Parties, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras and Corporate Events. In addition to these our team are able to provide custom party requests or event planning solutions that are able to be customized or substituted to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We do not plan to become a one time party addition for our clients, we aim to deliver an experience not soon to be forgotten and foster a lifelong relationship. As industry leaders, we are responsible to further innovate and advance the value proposition poised to our clients.