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girls having fun in Quinceañeras party for photo

The celebration of a quinceanera is a joyous occasion filled with family that love and celebrate the individual of the day. There are great aesthetic and functional benefits that follow your photo booth rental. From the rental will be delivered upon an allocated time and day and be picked up by one of our photo booth rental associates. Bring the life of the party to fruition with the inclusion of a photo booth to your quinceanera celebration. The party favors that are an outcome of the rental will give your guests a fabulous memory of the splendid time that they spend at your event.

Venue Upgrade

The venue that is allocated to hosting a quinceanera is not always a glamorous space. There are be basic spaces that serve a function to host the loved ones but even these can be spiced up with the investment of a photo booth rental! Most occasions are celebrated with photos anyway, so why not supply a machine that brings fun and whimsy to the environment while capturing the memories desired? The trend of having a photo booth at your quinceanera has become a popular choice for residents throughout the United States. We supply New Rochelle with high-grade photo booth rentals for an affordable and fair price. Contact our customer service agents today to inquire about your intended day’s availability.

Party Favor

Having a photo booth at your quinceanera serves as a multi-functional application! Not only does it supply you with memories of your friends and family but also gives your beloved guests a party favor! Photo booth pictures end up in lockers, on mirrors and in frames of your guest’s home. A photo booth can create a great icebreaker for your party as almost all events can have some stagnant moment. Minimize these potential awkward parts with a fun and creative photo booth for all guests to enjoy!

Hassle Free

The introduction of a photo booth rental is a perfect additive to your quinceanera! It provides a fun and functional purpose while adding flare and unique aspects to your event. Your guests will love engaging with the photo booth while you get to enjoy your day hassle free. There is no need to chase the celebrated individual with a lens anymore, the addition of a booth will mitigate all of the responsibilities for partygoers to partake in photo ops!


The atmosphere that surrounds one of our photo booth rentals is amazing, the amount of energy that the addition provides is simply astounding. With one simple rental you can turn a dull or simple event into a buzzing party for the ages. Our consultants will walk you through your package options and deliver quotes for your quinceanera photo booth rental. Infuse life into your party no matter the venue with a hassle free and fun photo booth rental! Smiles and laughs will be had all around with the simple addition of a fun and user-friendly photo booth.