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Holiday Parties

two girl friends having fun with photo backdrop props

Holiday parties should be fun! We are able to infuse a mixture of laughter and excitement to your holiday season with the introduction of whimsical photo booths. No matter the occasion memories are being made and they can be preserved with the presence of a photo booth. Our comprehensive and complete packages give our clients seemingly endless possibilities of fun and adventure for affordable prices. From Christmas to Easter and even Halloween your event can be exponentially more memorable with a photo booth rental from New Rochelle Photo Booths.


Scrap the traditional guestbook for a fun and lasting photo booth experience. The pictures that are produced with our industry leading photo booths create the best atmosphere for your friends and family. Enjoy the freedom that you have without a camera lens attached to yourself and relax during your holiday event. Guest books do not need to consist of signatures and notes alone, instead infuse the picture of your loved ones with a signature or note on the back! We know how much your guests mean to you and the fact that they have taken the time out of their day to celebrate with you shows that they love you too.


Creative aspects can be infused into your holiday event with props and backgrounds set by your photo booth rental. Ignite the inspiration of your gathering with individualized custom additions. Creative options can be customized to meet the theme or specifications of your holiday event. We know that not everyone celebrates the same way and we love that! By letting your creative juices flow and influence the overall aesthetic of your party you will be left with an individualized inspired photo booth. Our consultation experts will guide you through your options and packages landing on the option that is best suited for your holiday party.


Cancellations happen, we would be lying if we did not acknowledge this! There are some special occasions when cancellations will be accepted in the last month prior to the event. Our photo booths are in high demand and require booking with enough advance in order to secure the machine. Although there are certain circumstances where a cancellation can be accommodated cancellations will come with a fee if conducted in the weeks leading to the reserved date. When you are walked through your contract the exact outlines of the agreement will be signed off on prior to reservation.


The delivery of your photo booth will be conducted by one of our team members. Upon reservation we will confirm the location and time of requested drop off and subsequent pick up. The times will be clearly outlined in the contract and will be abided by with no exceptions. The delivery of the machine will be followed with an inspection and condition report that allows us and our clients to be sure that any damage that may occur is clearly outlined in documentation.