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Corporate Events

a family is having fun with photo props

The old trend of boring and uncomfortable corporate events should be something of the past. Make sure you electrify your staff with the energy and culture that so many large companies chase. There is a direct correlation between employee loyalty and performance when they feel comfortable within their work environment. The use of a photo booth may seem minimal, however the memories your staff will create and the fun that will be shared will not soon be forgotten. Set a tradition and offer your staff something to look forward to when you organize a corporate event.


You know the feeling, when you work for a company that actually invests in you and actually cares about employee satisfaction versus one that hasn't the slightest clue regarding employee happiness or culture. A great, well established company knows that employees interact with their customers and therefore taking care of your employees should be the first step and priority for any organization, large or small. Regardless if your company is having a retreat, product/service promotion or roll out, a seminar or collection of senior leaders, why not offer a vibrant and electrifying addition of an entertaining photobooth? The right use of a photobooth with the aligned theme or decor can prove to deliver lasting memories to staff and other participants and will set your company apart from the rest.


Our team understand the logistical nightmares that can accompany a corporate event. These events are likely to be months in the making with many logistical and personnel challenges to be handled. Part of our focus is to deliver a hassle free and convenient service especially for our corporate events. We want to be able to align our logistics seamlessly with those of your event or Human Resource department. Our team of experienced industry experts will handle each step of the process and provide a consultative approach towards our service. The customer will have the opportunity to craft their own personalized additions should they want to.

Hassle Free

Over time, our team has assisted the coordination and organizing of hundreds of corporate events. We continue to request feedback from participants and customers. With all this information, our team has developed a keen knack for coordinating a successful photo booth of any size and duration. If you have having a corporate gathering that might span more than a matter of hours or even longer than a day, that is no problem for our team. We have the resources necessary to handle small corporate events but also those of much larger scale and timelines.


The corporate events team have experience and resources that enable us to design and create a themed event most suitable to your company and corporate culture. Our customer service team will discuss with you any ideas, history, tradition or themes that may relate to your organization. From this, we aim to collectively brainstorm and produce ideas that excite your team and will surely excite the participants and your corporate event.