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daddy and his girl having fun with photo props

Birthdays are special days that are spent with family friends and loved ones! Take your birthday to a new level with the infusion of fun and whimsy that accompanies a photo booth rental. Not only do you get to take home memories from your celebratory day but your guests also benefit from the service! With affordable prices and extensive options you will be able to customize your photo booth experience to meet your specifications. Once you have decided on a theme and set a space for your event call New Rochelle Photo Booths and book your very own memory saver!


Birthdays bring your loved ones together into a space to celebrate you. This celebration could be bumped up another level with the presence of a photo booth rental. Our affordable pricing index and customizable theme packages create an easy all-inclusive process. Our team to personalize the experience in your personal photo booth can supply props and other additions. Create your very own memory book with non-scripted well-loved appliances that add an element of whimsy and fun.

Capturing Moments

There is no time for you to be running around taking pictures on your birthday, you have too many things to do and too many people to see! Take the pressure off of yourself and your guests by including a photo booth rental to your celebration. The draw that the presence of a photo booth brings is not easily surpassed. You and your guests will be able to reminisce and enjoy the memories that your photo booth provides for years to come. By contacting NRPB through our listed e-mail or phone listed you will initiate the start of an exceptional experience.


Our listed packages come at affordable and customizable prices. We offer full services including drop off and pick up to create an effortless experience for your party. To gain more information into our pricing options and find the right package for your birthday party contact our customer service professionals. Authentic and beautiful moments will be captured with the click of a button and a count down from three! There are clear benefits that come with the hiring of our photo booth services and with new industry leading pricing offerings we have become more affordable than ever. We will work with you to find the right package with an affordable pricing option to ensure that you end up with the most memorable experience.


The presence of a photo booth at your birthday party is a sure way to introduce laughs and fun into the atmosphere. The appeal of keeping memories draws crowds to our booths again and again. Your occasion is a special event that draws loved ones to celebrate with you, keep the memory of the day alive and well with photos taken by our photo booth rentals.  The resulting experience left with the presence of a photo booth rental is electric! Feel the memories and adventures come to life through photographs captured organically.