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About Our Business

a woman is holding professional camera

We have been the industry party or event leaders in the New Rochelle greater area for over 20 years. We have been first hand witnesses to the dynamic changes that have occured around the photo picture industry. There was a time where not everyone carried a camera in their back pocket. We have identified this and continue to adapt our services to stand out from the rest. A photo booth can offer something a smart phone cannot. A photo booth gives you and your party the opportunity to encourage guests to gather, mingle and create friendships. Our team share an unwavering passion and enthusiasm towards enriching the lives of our clients and thereby offering them a chance to have as much fun as possible at their event with the opportunity to create new memories with new and old friends.

By enlisting our services you can encourage people to actually connect and experience each other rather than being focused on their phones. Anyone who is interested in really delivering a vibrant and energetic addition to their event, need to consult with our customer service team to learn more about how we can stimulate mingling and the creation of connections amongst strangers. We have found that our service acts as an incredible ice breaker between unfamiliar guests or distant family members  that haven't seen each other in a while. Your big day is important to you and you want to ensure all guests get along in a friendly and fun manner so everyone can enjoy the moment together with you.