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New Rochelle Photo Booths

Photo Booth Rentals in New Rochelle, NY



We are proud to have established and created a service designed to deliver maximum convenience and value while minimizing stress, hassle and headache. We have designed a unique service whereby we are able to mobilize and arrive to your location or event to entertain guests and provide them with memorable experiences not soon to be forgotten. We are proud to handle the needs of a wide variety of events including corporate gatherings, store openings, weddings, birthday parties and many more where fun and memories are the goal.

About Us

Over time, technology and other digital advancements have made photography a very popular and daily addition to our lives. When we found that we create a public photography opportunity for people to get together rather than use photography behind their phones, something beautiful happens.

Our Services

The services our company offers are deliberately provided to maximize and encourage capturing fun and memorable moments. Our Photo Booth solutions are capable of handling the needs of large groups and small parties. We enable our service to support instant prints, video MP4, filters suchs as the instagram boomerang, video wishes, slow motion features, digital signatures, instant sharing, polaroid options, hashtags and many more.

wedding photo bride with bridemaids


Make sure your big day that you are sharing with friends, family and other loved ones includes options to capture and create memories built to last. Our photo booth solutions offer fun for guests of all ages while offering friends, family and others something fun and exciting to do while waiting or a required break from the dancing.

frineds having fun with holiday parties props

Holiday Parties

There are countless opportunities throughout the year to take advantage of our hassle free, fun filled photo booth service. Whether its an at home party, major event or company party, make sure to celebrate all our holidays have to offer. Christmas, Easter and Halloween offer many opportunities to bring friends and loved ones together to celebrate each other and be grateful for one another.

“I had no idea just how much fun could be had with Photo Booths! It was an incredible time and we captured so many exciting and funny moments. Really is a great idea for anyone and I will certainly be recommending a Photo Booth for our corporate events this year!” Lisa D.


Regardless of age or gender, make sure to celebrate life and capture these irreplaceable moments. No matter if it is grandpa's 90th or your daughter turning 10, we have the supplies, themes and decor to guarantee a fun filled and exciting atmosphere for all. We have been able to help hundreds of customers add flare and excitement to a birthday party with the simple addition of a photo booth. After a simple consultation, you will have the ability to work alongside our project leads to ensure you are receiving a perfect suitable fit for the party.

a group of girls having fun with photo props in birthday

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Unfortunately for some people, turning thirty can be an uncomfortable time where childish excitement meets teenage rebellion. Yet, for our Jewish community, it is time to party and celebrate. Give your child the opportunity to go all out with their bar/bat mitzvah wishes. Make sure it is something they are going to cherish and remember forever. This is a time where your child gets to celebrate with family and close friends. Thirteen a big change in our lives and remember you only turn thirteen once. Our team provides a full service guarantee that you and your guests will enjoy the photo booth provided. We will work together with you to ensure the delivery, setup and operation of the photo booth is functional and in peak performance.

lit up light sign photo booth

“Joey will remember his Bar Mitzvah for a long time. He had the best fun he's had in awhile. Him and his friends were all able to create so many funny memories and get pictures right way. The staff here are pros and they deliver a strong commitment to customer service . Highly recommended” Gill W.

little boy having fun with photo prop fake beard


Make sure to create an everlasting entertainment for your Quinceanera party with the photobooths from New Rochelle Photo Booths. We have a wide variety of inventory when considering options for your Quinceaneras party. After careful organization and consultation from our team, you can decide together which option is most suitable for you.

a company is having fun with photo props in an event

Corporate Events

Ever feel the headache of arranging a corporate gathering or event? These events should always be looked forward to and not a cause to worry. By using our state of the art photo booths you are enabling your group of staff to interact, speak amongst themselves, organize and create memories. It is important to nurture a particular set of culture within your organization. Making good use of photo booths at a corporate gathering can easily contribute to the excitement and culture many organizations desire.

“I was most impressed with the full service they offered. Everything from consultation to operation to removal. It was so easy and affordable. I had no idea but now I recommend it to all my friends” Quinn R.

Contact Us Today

Our team has made drastic improvements in the customer service department whereby we ensure to make our service available on shorter notice and wider availability. We are here to bring your party or gathering to life. Hosting an event or party is no easy task, you inevitably feel the pressure of entertaining the guests and making sure people are getting along well and having fun. Sounds like alot hey? That is because it is. The task is monumental when the size is larger and you possibly cannot clone yourself to entertain everyone. Give yourself some relief and consider the benefits our team can provide by mobilizing and installing our advanced fun filled photo booths. Each of our photos booths come with vibrant professional studio flash lighting ensuring you and your guests look as beautiful as ever. We also provide our customers the highest standard quality digital DSLR cameras accompanied by quick and efficient printers.

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